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NBA players decide to resume playoffs

The NFL’s players carefully are watching the NBA’s players. The NBA’s players have decided to continue playing.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com reports that the NBA will resume its postseason, that the players have decided after a one-day pause to continue. However, Thursday’s playoff games will not happen. Discussions are underway as to when the postseason will continue.

The move surely will influence NFL players to follow suit. As Simms argued during Thursday’s PFT Live, playing the games preserves the platform for sending clear messages aimed at promoting social justice. At some point, however, they will stop talking if they believe people aren’t listening. To get everyone’s attention, they’ll stop playing.

Last night’s gesture definitely got everyone’s attention. Next comes action. And then comes the question of what happens when the next video of an unarmed Black man being shot by police emerges?

Hopefully, that won’t happen any time soon. Hopefully, we’re moving toward a point where lethal force will be used by police officers only in those situations where lethal force is the only option.

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