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Woman caught men snorting ‘white powder’ off wheelie bin lid outside her home

Two drug users who were spotted snorting a white powder off the lid of a wheelie bin outside a home told the owner ‘sorry – we will be finished soon’ when they were caught.

Pamela Rowles, 61, was shocked to find a pair of men using her wheelie bin as a table for their drug use on Saturday evening.

Ms Rowles, of Sleaford, Lincolnshire popped her head out of the door after hearing noises outside her home, which has had problems with anti-social behaviour in the past, Lincolnshire Live reports.

“It was about 7.30pm and I was sitting in the living room when I heard two guys f-ing and blinding,” she said.

“It went on for five minutes and got really annoying so I peeped through the spyhole and saw one man bang his elbow on my door.

“I flung the door open and they were both standing either side of my wheelie bin snorting this white powder.”

Ms Rowles has lived on the street for 37 years and says she has seen fights, people urinating and even couples having sex in public.

However, what she saw on Saturday has left her stunned.

“I was so taken aback,” she said.

“I was very indignant – they were taking drugs on my property, how dare they?

“They were so brazen about it. One of them said sorry, we will be finished soon and then kept going!

“They were laughing to themselves. They came back at 11pm, but it was half a dozen of them this time and they used the different bin this time.

“That’s when I decided to ring the police the next morning on 101.”

Despite calling police, Ms Rowles doesn’t believe anything will be done.

“We don’t see the police often down here and there’s no CCTV,” she said.

“I’m not expecting much to happen – the police can’t be everywhere at once – but it would be nice to [see] more police.”

Ms Rowles, who lives along Nags Head Passage, just off Southgate, admitted that the street does have a reputation for being one of the rougher parts of town.

“It’s always been a bit dubious,” Ms Rowles said.

“I once opened the door to find a couple leaning against the wall having away at it. I decided it was best to leave them to it!

“One of my neighbours said she swore she had seen a drug deal take place in broad daylight.

“Sometimes people come down here to sort out their differences and when that happens I’m lying in bed praying they don’t smash my window – it’s happened in the past.”

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